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Эстония глазами американцев: племяшка Настя с подружкой Эмили. 20-22 апреля 2005 …

Это в Америке — Настя и Маршаки.



Дача в Какумяэ

Вечера с Горячевыми

И добрые слова … будем считать это записью в гостевой..

I had an absolutely fantastic time and I appreciate how much effort you put intomaking sure that Emily and I would have a chance to see everything.
This tripwas the first time that I was really seeing Estonia and what I remembered frommy child hood on my own and it produced quite an effect. Though my nostalgia isvery separate from what I saw, especially with the changes at the dacha, it didnot feel as if my memories were in any way reduced. I think partly the reasonwas because I was staying with family, so the warmth and feeling of home that Iassociate from Estonia still remained..
I knew I was coming to visit family,but you made me feel it to a far greater extent than I expected, which I am verygrateful for. And of course the food was incredible; I dont think Emily or Ihave eaten that much (or drank that much 🙂 in a long time. Emily and I willnow join you in the tradition of always having a cake and a few shots of vodkafor our guests.
We both had a great time, but more than that I just wanted tosay thank you for making me personally feel at home.

with much love,Nastia

И тебе спасибо, милая!




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